SeAZ-11116 “Oka” specification


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Serpukhov Motor-car Factory produces two versions of “Oka”-SeAZ in four packages for those people who have got difficulties with their physique ability after diseases or injury. Themodel line for the social order has high service performance, comfort, easiness and certitude in operation, the driver’s and the passengers' comfortable positioning in the car compartment. The specially developed steering systems allow this category of drivers to feel themselves as equal in road traffic rights.

VAZ 11113-02(10)
For operation with hands and one leg
Electro-vacuum automated clutch actuator fully compensates one leg absence. The accelerator actuator may be set to the most convenient area for the left leg, i.e. left of the brake pedal.
VAZ 11113-02(60)
For operation with hands and left leg
The ergonomically convenient levers of the accelerator manual actuator located inside the steering wheel tread and the main brake manual actuator on the right of the steering column allow to drive the car with no difficulties. The clutch is actuated by the left foot.
VAZ 11113-01(10)
For operation only by hands.
The accelerator actuator levers are located on the steering wheel and are convenient for driving as in the cities as along the highways. The levers are designed to have a special profile to give the driver maximum ability to operate the accelerator actuator. The brake actuator is comfortable, durable and easy to operate. The vacuum actuator and the front disk wheels provide effective deceleration even at low application of force.
VAZ-11113-01(10) combines all the advantage features that VAZ-11113-02(10) and VAZ-11113-02(60) have.
VAZ 11113-02(41)
For operation by hands and one leg.
The reinforced clutch actuator connected with the pedal provides comfortable driving. In this case the accelerator and the brakes are operated by standard pedals by one leg.


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