SeAZ-11116 “Oka” specification


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Almost all the car manufacturers have in their car model lines great variety of versions and packages of the production to meet customers’ demand. Serpukhov Motor-car Factory offers special packages of "Oka"-SeAZ cars for resque services, police, medical purposes, post offices, delivery services.
"Oka"-SeAZ is a reasonably priced vehicle not only by its price, but also by its operating costs.
The rescuers of Serpukhov city have already appreciated this speedy, manoeuvrable, compact and economical car. The car can bring the necessary minimum of the rescue equipment kit.
There is one more important feature of the car – it can be operated in both low and high ambient temperatures.

Electrical equipment

Perforator 1 item
Corner rubbing machine 1 item
"VEPR" electrostation, 2.2 kWt 1 item
First-aid set
Metalworker’s tools

Brought equipment

"SPRUT" hydraulic equipment
SGS 1 80 DH pumping facility 1 item
KGs-80 cutting pliers 1 item
"GS-180" power cylinder of double-action, single-sided 1 item
NRS-2/80 manual double-cascade pump 1 item

VAZ-11113 "Oka" performance specification:

Cubic capacity, cm3 749
Power, h.p. 32
Maximum speed, km/h 130
Acceleration time to 100 km/h, sec 24
Checked fuel consumption, L per 100 km: At 90 km/h speed – 4.5L.
Urban cycle – 5.8L.


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